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Find out how much organic traffic your website should be getting.

Here’s what we’ll cover

Current Performance

A clear look at your website's current (and past) performance, including the KWs you're missing out on.

Competitor Performance

The exact keywords and tactics your competitors are using to steal your traffic and customers.

Potential Performance

Discover how much organic traffic your website should be getting, based on 4 different growth scenarios.


Our Traffic Projection Analysis is 50% automated by proprietary software, 50% human analysis by our team of SEO experts. In order to run it accurately, we need additional inputs about the website, history and goals. This is a quick call, it only takes a few minutes to get the data we need.

A summary view of your website’s organic traffic potential growth over a 12 month period. This prediction is made at the keyword + page level, and it is based on your current existing traffic per keyword, and the potential traffic from Competitors and Seed Keywords

We pull data from Google Search Console, Google Analytics + SEMrush to understand your website’s current performance. We then scrape competitor keywords to understand Addressable Market potential. We then run a number of formulas to show your website’s organic potential, and the impact of that traffic on your leads / sales.

It’s important to keep in mind, these are estimates. There is [literally] no way to predict organic traffic as Google’s algorithm changes daily. These should be used to explore if investing in SEO is right for your website.

We will provide you a Google Sheets file with all your data and a visual report in Google Data Studio. These are yours to own after we complete the analysis. We will also run you through the report to ensure you understand how to take action and grow your organic traffic.

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